“My Team and I at KLSC will always provide our clients with the latest and best in rejuvenation therapies.”

kim's twitter picHaving periodic acneic skin and rosacea in High School and having been treated by 3 dermatologists without much success, by the time I was 17, an esthetician and my gynecologist basically “cured” my issues. That personal journey is the reason for my passion for skin care and why I’ve known since my early 20’s that skin care would be my career after horse racing.

During a successful 28 year career in horse racing, I was constantly exposed to cutting edge therapeutic treatments for rapid healing. Rapid healing always means accelerated collagen and elastin growth. Most of these technological breakthroughs are used on a daily basis in human physical therapy. This gave me the skill to make a natural transition from treating conditions in equine athletes to treating conditions in humans. In 2007, having always known that I wanted to be an esthetician, I decided to attend the esteemed “Atelier Esthetique International” school of esthetics here in NYC on Park Ave South. I began treating private clients immediately while also employed by one of the premier estheticians in the City. While there I performed a typical “nonsurgical face lifting facial” and the results were nice but the complaints the same: too expensive and the results didn’t last more than 36 hrs maximum. I knew that the FDA was approving Radio Frequency and Ultrasound treatments for non-invasive skin rejuvenation and that these procedures have been widely used for a number of years with great success in Europe and Asia. I immediately created my powerhouse antiaging facial “Le Magnifique” and launched directly into developmental testing.

After suffering the sudden and devastating loss of a best friend to small cell lung cancer, I shifted my career directly into pure holistic skin care while continuing to develop my Le Magnifique facial. As much as I love, respect and am fascinated by Eastern medicine, my passion and equal interest in Western technology and therapies led me to further expand my career directly into medical. I worked for a well respected plastic surgeon, gained my certifications in skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal, hair removal, cellulite revision, etc. I found myself quickly bored with the limitations of purely Western techniques and I was in the final stages of testing for “Le Magnifique.”

By the end of the third year, “Le Magnifique” was ready to be launched on the public so in 2010. I attained the US Trademark for Le Magnifique. I also created my dermatologist formulated cosmeceutical skin care line, “IT intelligent treatment,” which I also received the US Trademark for, and I opened my skin care clinic here in NYC. Being on Madison Avenue from the very beginning with my Le Magnifique antiaging treatment and my skin care line has been a blessing and the big hit I always expected them to be. With amazingly efficacious advancements in technology, I have upgraded “Le Magnifique” to “Forever Magnifique.” This new treatment provides twice the anti-aging power of Le Mag but is still comfortable and relaxing! All KLSC machines, product ingredients, and protocols are constantly upgraded to provide only the latest and best treatments. Whether you are coming for facial rejuvenation, sensitive skin issues, body reshaping or any combination, you can be sure that you are getting the most cutting edge therapy in NYC!

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