Chemical Peels

Next-generation Buffered Glycolic Gel peel or the simply amazing “ReJuve Peel” offer smart skin solutions that are delivered with proven success to resurface & restore skin of all colors on a cellular level. Easy on skin while being highly effective, my customized Buffered Glycolic Gel peel and ReJuve Peel both restructure & strengthen through topical exfoliation of dead skin cells thus speeding up cell turnover rate & stimulating new cell growth. This results in smoother, brighter, cleaner skin. Address fine lines, blemishes, discoloration & uneven texture while “feeding” & hydrating the skin through custom blends of potent serums, antioxidants, & the latest in blended chemicals for awesome results without the downtime!

Kim Laudati and the KLSC Team of Master Estheticians have “Advance Peel” certifications & continue to keep current on certifications, ingredients & techniques.

Glycolic blend gel peels at 2 different strengths. Mild and effective. Can be used by all skin types and is best when performed at once per week over the course of three weeks. Can be used weekly up to 6 weeks

Alpha/Beta Peels at 2 different strengths, made by “Circadia by Dr. Pugliese.” These are Lactic/Salicylic blends and are very effective peels using the perfect blend of acids to exfoliate without harshness, irritation or inflammation. A new technology in peeling, clients experience little to no stinging and should not experience flaking or peeling. Simply beautiful skin without the annoyances. Alpha/Beta peels are tolerated extremely well by most skin types although anyone with an allergy to aspirin (salicylates) should not receive these peels. In this case, for a milder peel ask for our Glycolic gel peel or for medium depth peels ask for our ReJuve Peel therapy.

Our express peel services are also relaxing while being effective. A mask, upper body massage, moisturizer, eye & lip treatment, Vitamin C Toner and topical medical grade Oxygen are always included. We finish all of our peel services with our “IT intelligent treatment” chemical free SPF 30+ so your skin is radiant and fully protected.

ReJuve Peel by Dr. Loretta Ciraldo. ReJuve Peel combines the proven benefits of a modified Jessners Peel with the safety profile of peptides to enhance the anti-aging effectiveness of the peel procedure. Contains Lactic Acid, Resorcinol, Salicylic Acid, Foeniculum, Vulgare Mill. Var. Dulce DC, Copper Tripeptide-1 and SD Alcohol 40-B. Resorcinol is a dermatologically impactful ingredient. Because it is a very small molecule it can penetrate deeply into skin, including sebaceous glands (oil glands), it is absorbed rapidly and it potentiates penetration of other ingredients. Therefore it is often used in combination with other ingredients. It is used topically to help treat acne breakouts by breaking down dead, scaly skin, helping dissolve existing comedones and helping to keep new ones from forming. When included in a Modified Jessners Peel, it enhances the lifting of deeper pigment, leaving a naturally more even tone behind. ReJuve peel’s most favored use is to combat fine lines and mild to moderate wrinkles while provided a more even skin tone.

ReJuve Peel – What to expect:

  • no downtime required
  • no major peeling; 3-7 days of flaking is expected
  • immediately after application skin looks “frosted” as if a layer of talcum powder was applied
  • evening appointments are best so skin is not immediately sun exposed
  • post peel: follow the very simple instructions for after care
  • peel stays on and self-neutralizes
  • after care kit included!

Preparation for KLSC Chemical and ReJuve Peels:

  • NO Salicylic or Glycolic in any facial products for 2days pre peel and 2 days post peel series.
  • NO Retin-A 2 weeks pre and post peel.
  • NO Retinol for 1 week prior or 1 week post peel.
  • NO oral or topical antibiotics 2 weeks pre and post peel.
  • NO medical or topical acne treatments 2 weeks pre and post peel.

30 min Glycolic Gel Peel with O2 treatment $75
30 min Alpha/Beta Peel with O2 treatment $75
20 min Rejuve Peel $150

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