Collagen Induction Therapy: MicroLift

CIT MicroLift is our answer to a perfect alternative to having to endure a Laser treatment. This treatment will help to revise and restore skin.

  • Anti-aging; soften and eradicate fine lines, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation
  • Acne breakouts; uneven pigmentation, help regulate oil production, revise scars
  • Facial scars, body scars & Stretch Marks; revise & “fill in” scars, diminish stretch marks

Our CIT MicroLift provides you with the most cutting edge technology currently available. We have gone above and beyond with our program. Each treatment includes our SkinTyte radio frequency treatment, Microchanneling with InnoPen MD and either a Lightwave LED or the countries most advanced IPL by Forma treatment. Nowhere else can you receive such a comprehensive treatment with the most advanced equipment currently available!

Collagen Induction Therapy, microchanneling and microneedling are all names for the same procedure. This part of the procedure delivers the same controlled profractional treatment that the profractional laser does but without the damaging heat.

Why choose our CIT MicroLift over a laser or other treatment?
Your skin contains 16 types of collagen. While stimulation for new Elastin production is pretty much the same with a profractional laser or MicroLift, there are a few big differences.

  • Profractional laser resurfacing is safe for ethnic and all skin, when performed correctly but the heat damage from the laser means “scar” collagen is formed and only up to 3 types of collagen are stimulated for new growth.
  • CIT MicroLift stimulates up to 7 types of collagen for new growth without scar collagen being activated!
  • CIT MicroLift can be done on skin that has a fresh tan. Profractional laser cannot.
  • CIT MicroLift can be controlled to deliver a no-downtime treatment, one day of downtime, or more, depending on what you want and need.
  • Most conditions need 1-4 profractional laser treatments; CIT MicroLift is the same but is 50-65% more affordable!
  • At KLSC, our CIT MicroLift is combined with the World’s most cutting edge SkinTyte radio frequency to help tighten skin & Industry Leader Lightwave Technologies LED treatment or the latest advancement in IPL photofacial light therapy
  • You receive the most effective treatment for the most affordable price!
  • Foundation makeup can be worn the day after CIT MicroLift. With laser you cannot.

Please refer to our Pre & Post-Treatment guidelines. Contact us with questions prior to treatment. Consultations can be held remotely or in person. Call 212.447.4421 or email

Refine: No-downtime treatment with LED. 90 min $375
Resplendent: Customized treatment with only 1 or more days of downtime. Maximum anti-aging results that includes IPL. 90 min $650
Resplendent Series of 3: $1,500
Restructure: Scar & stretch mark revision. From 30 min & up. $175 per area. A customized treatment program will be created just for you

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