CryoLipo RF fat reduction

CryoLipo RF is a brand new combination therapy used by surgeon’s, doctors, nurses and top Clinical estheticians as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction for areas of stubborn fat. It requires no premedication, no topical anesthesia, has minimal discomfort for most patients, needs virtually no recovery, and takes only 45 minutes per area. There is NO downtime necessary and NO major post-treatment care; many patients report that they have gone directly to the gym after the treatment! (Although patients may choose to work out after their treatment, this is not a requirement.)

Kim Laudati is a Master clinical/medical Esthetician with many years of experience in providing effective Coolsculpt, Velashape, Vanquish, Mono, Bi & TriPolar RF, Ultrasonic, IR and other fat reduction treatments. She has chosen this amazing device over these previous options due its dual-combination time saving delivery method, effectiveness and affordability to you, the patient.

CryoLipo RF is a new combination of the best technologies used to reduce stubborn fat and is different than anything else available. Unlike Coolsculpt which only freezes fat, stubborn fat cells are destroyed using heat AND freezing to further enhance your results. Like Coolsculpt, Vanquish and others, these methods selectively destroy fat cells and nothing else. (Muscle and skin are not adversely effected) Also unlike Coolsculpt, our machine has 2 handpieces that can be used at the same time! During the session, the treatment progresses through warm and fat freezing cycles. The treatment does not hurt- but it can be uncomfortable due to the vacuum suction, but for many patients this sensation lessens within the first 10 minutes of treatment. Every patient we have treated has tolerated the treatment without difficulty. The cycle of heating followed by cooling is what makes this treatment more comfortable than any similar device on the market.

CryoLipo RF treats stubborn pockets of fat such as the abdomen, inner thighs, “bra fat line,” lovehandles, the pantyline/rear upper thighs, saddle bags, and triceps. If you can pinch 2 inches of fat, that area can be treated. All skin types and both men and women can be treated. Not everyone is a good candidate so we will book an online or in-person consultation where the area(s) in question are examined, all your questions will be answered and a very specific treatment plan will be mapped out for you.

Typically, 3-4 treatments per area per year are advised. While this is 1-2 treatments more than what is recommended for treatments such as Coolsculpt, it literally costs 50-60% LESS per area than Coolsculpt and yields faster visible results! Many patients see positive changes as soon as 1 month post treatment and will continue to see positive changes for up to 4 more months.

What a patient can expect post treatment is temporary bruising and swelling of the treatment area. Surface numbing of the treatment area can also occur. Abdominal fat treatment can sometimes result in periodic, random and brief cramps. While it is different for every patient, most post treatment symptoms resolve themselves in 3 days to 3 weeks. Simple post treatment instructions will be explained to you at the time of your consultation and provided to you to take home at the time of your treatment.

While the actual treatment of each area is only 45 minutes, each appointment will be booked at 60 minutes to provide time for intake & consent forms, questions, etc.

CryoLipo RF Small/medium areas

  • 1 for $800
  • 2 for $725 each
  • 3 – 6 for $700 each
  • 7 & up for $625 each (Just like Coolsculpt, up to 8 areas can be safely treated in one day)

CryoLipo RF Large areas

  • 1 for $1200 each
  • 2 for $900 each
  • 3 or more usually involves various sizes; a customized treatment plan & pricing will be provided
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