IPL Hair Removal

IPL effectively eliminates hair growth by targeting the pigment within the hair and destroying the root. The best candidates for IPL are lighter skinned clients with dark hair. Blonde, fine and lighter hair cannot be treated.

Light-based hair removal requires a hair root to target. During waxing, plucking, or sugaring, the hair root is pulled out of the shaft. No removal of the root of hair is allowed at any point during course of treatment and not within 3 weeks prior to your first treatment. During treatment, a patient may shave the area. It is advised to shave the area of treatment the day before your IPL so that the area isn’t overly irritated on the surface on the day of.

Depilatory creams and sprays dissolve hair with keratinocytes, ie chemicals designed to kill keratin. Keratinocytes are non-discriminatory and kill the keratin in skin as well as hair. Minimal use of depilatory creams is enough to permanently damage the skin, and therefore their use is a definite contraindication to treatment for fear of the risk of scarring. Clients who have used these products on the area to be treated must wait six weeks from use before receiving a Pulsed Light or Laser treatment.

Predominantly women, but also men undergoing gender reassignment, take hormone supplements such as HRT and thyroid medications to moderate their levels of various sex hormones. This has a direct effect on hair growth. If your medication is regulating your hormones satisfactorily, then Pulsed Light or Laser should prove beneficial. If the medication is not regulating your hormones satisfactorily, you, the patient, need to speak to your GP about adjusting your dose before we can do a treatment.

Hirsutism occurs in women who present with male hair growth patterns. There are two types of hirsutism: genetic and hormonal, and they are easy to differentiate. “Does your mother, grandmother, or any or your aunts have a lot of facial hair?” If yes, then the hirsutism is genetic. If there is no family history of hirsutism, then the condition is most likely hormonal. Genetic Hirsutism is not a contraindication. Hormonal Hirsutism will generally have an underlying cause that may be remedied with medical intervention.

If Hirsutism is present, seeing IPL results will most likely require more treatments than the standard.

Contraindicated Implants:
Depo Provera, a method of birth control often referred to as “the stick” and Lap Bands. In the case of Depo Provera, this only applies to treatments near the implant, ie. Underarms or Upper Arms. IPL treatment can temporarily create a situation where this birth control method will fail.

IPL pricing:

  • 1 Small area $50 per treatment
  • 1 Medium area $75 per treatment
  • 1 Large area $100 per treatment
  • 1 Extra large area $225 per treatment

Just need a touch up? Take 30% off any single treatment to help keep you hair free all winter.

* Best results are seen with 6-7 treatments depending on the client. Please call for affordable package pricing.


    • NO antibotics, topical or oral, for 3 weeks pre and post tx.
    • NO retin-A for 3 weeks pre and post.
    • NO “acid” products such as glycolic or salicylic, for 1 week pre & post.
    • NO retinols including OTC’s for 1 week pre & post.
    • NO exfoliation/scrubbing for 1 week pre and 2 weeks post!
    • Absolutely NO tanning or any spray tanning for 3 weeks pre & post treatment, and NONE during a series of monthly treatments.
    • Pregnant or trying = NO.
    • Be sure to have a home supply of moisturizer and chemical free SPF on hand for post tx care
    • Men must shave hair from area to be treated.
    • For appointment, inform us right away if you have any allergy to lidocaine and other topical numbing agents!
    • Follow all pre- treatment medication guidelines.

Post Treatment Rules:

  • For Microchanneling & Rejuve peel patients, stay at home, indoors, on the day following your treatment if advised by your therapist.
  • Makeup can be worn the day following your treatment if your therapist has granted permission.
  • Moisturization and protection is the key to rapid cell turnover and a successful outcome. DO use our treatment balm that you have been provided 1x in the evening of your treatment and 5x’s the following day. 2nd day post treatment and thereafter we suggest that you use our IT intelligent treatment Stem Cells + C serum (1 drop) mixed with our IT intelligent treatment Complexion Correction serum (1 drop), then IT intelligent treatment Bright & Firm moisturizer a minimum of 2 times per day after cleanse and before SPF. This is our formula that tested for maximum results and maintenance.
  • SPF (preferably chemical free 30+ such as our IT intelligent treatment Mineral Infusion) MUST BE WORN DAILY and should be reapplied every 4-5 hours starting with day two. Day one you will be home and indoors.
  • NO sauna, hot yoga, high cardio, jogging, steaming or any high heat exposure for 48 hours minimum. Please follow individual rules prescribed by your treating therapist.
  • For Microchanneling and Rejuve Peel Patients, NO direct water flow from shower onto your face for 7 days.
  • NO antibotics, topical or oral, 3 weeks pre and post treatment.>
  • NO retin-A for 3 weeks pre and post.
  • NO “acid” products such as glycolic or salicylic, for 1 week pre & post.
  • NO retinols including OTC’s for 1 week pre and post.
  • NO exfoliation/scrubbing for 1 week pre treatment and 2 weeks post treatment!
  • For IPL and Rejuve Peel patients, absolutely NO tanning or any concentrated sun for 3 weeks pre & treatment, and NONE during a series of monthly treatments.
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