Metamorphose – Metamorphosis (Transform your Skin)

The answer for painless & affordable rejuvenation that includes general extractions is here! A fabulous alternative to invasive, painful treatments, Metamorphose gives you cleansing, balance & rejuvenation that is unmatched.  Can also be used as a tri-monthly alternative for deep pore cleansing in your Le Magnifique schedule. Metamorphose features “Lightwaves Elite,” the nation’s industry leader in LED light therapy!

LED activates the skin’s natural rejuvenation for a smoother, more even complexion. It does this by increasing cell regeneration up to 5 times faster than the norm while restoring & protecting the surface of the skin. By stimulating production of ATP (fuel that powers life at a cellular level) LED can significantly improve the appearance of fine lines, help to clear acne and reverse the signs of aging. There are NO side effects as LED does not activate melanin so it doesn’t affect skin color or increase cancer risk. LED also does not harm the retina of the eyes, although the eyes will be covered for your comfort. The effectiveness of using red, infrared & blue light therapy to stimulate rejuvenation in damaged tissues has been documented in over 2,500 research papers & over 100 double blind studies. Epileptics, stroke sufferers and those uncomfortable with very bright light should not receive LED. Those that are pregnant or trying to become pregnant should opt for Au Naturel Holistic.

Each individual treatment yields immediate result. Best long lasting results are gained through a treatment series of 6. Results vary, some will see significant improvement in as little as 3 treatments.

Metamorphose begins with your choice of “Jego – Healthy Skin for Life,” my own cosmeceutical line or “Phyt’s Organics.” “Jego” provides all the latest natural AntiAging and AntiBacterial ingredients that are medical grade at over-the-counter prices, developed by a dermatologist & manufactured in the USA. “Eminence Organics” are certified from Hungary and provides the best organic choices on the market.

Relax & start your transformation with a cleanse and an exfoliation with gentle Ultrasonic Resurfacing.  General extractions are followed by a type specific mask. LED Red & Infrared light therapy for AntiAging or Blue & Red light therapy for Acne is administered while you relax. Enjoy the same AntiAging program on your hands & décolleté without additional fee!

Condition specific serum, moisturizer, eye treatment crème, lip treatment balm, Oxygen treatment & “Jego” chemical free SPF 30+ with AntiAging peptides & antioxidants finishes your transformation. Voila, beautiful skin from a cellular level! Find out why “Metamorphose” is also one of New York City’s Best Facials!

65 minute as above plus Organic peel $159

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