Chemical Peels:

What is a Facial Peel?
The skin is made up of many layers. The deepest layers are where skin cells originate, and as they travel toward the outer layer they become less vital, ending up as the epidermis where they lose their softness and pliability and become cornified. The deeper the peel, the more long-lasting the results, but the more involved the process.

Skin peels come in various depths. The most superficial peels, such as alphahydroxy and beta hydroxy peels (i.e., glycolic, lactic, salicylic, maleic, etc.), which take off the superficial layer of the skin (epidermis), are performed in the treatment room without pain and without down time, leaving the patient exfoliated and with a teenage rosy glow. Mild peels such as these can be repeated weekly for up to six weeks.

Moderate-depth peels involving the epidermis and the dermis, such as Modified Jessner’s peels, can treat superficial crepey wrinkles, acne scars, divots, and corrugations, and can improve skin texture, equalize skin color, shrink pores and add to the general glow of the skin. You can repeat them monthly but many clients find that only 1-3 per year maximum are necessary to achieve their desired results. At Kim Laudati Skin Care, “ReJuve” peel is used most often. Modified Jessner’s peels are self-neutralizing, which means they are not removed and will loose all effect and become inactive after 7 hours. Immediately after the peel is applied, the skin will either look “frosted,” (like baby powder is on your skin) varying shades of pink or both. This is not a look that will scare people on the streets but it is advised to schedule your peel for the evening hours and to proceed directly home for maximum comfort. An aftercare kit of skin care products specifically chosen to maximize your results is supplied with each ReJuve peel.

Considering a Facial Peel
There is no specific chronological age that determines when you should have a rejuvenative procedure; the best way to know when it’s right to call for a consultation is when you look in the mirror and see something that truly bothers you. Likewise, there is only one person to have any service for: you and you alone. It should never be undertaken due to pressure from others.

Goal of a Facial Peel
The goal of a Facial Peel is to remove the tired and dead surface of the epidermis and sometimes dermis to reveal the glowing skin below. Your face will be smoother, firmer, more even in pigment, and without the fine crepey wrinkles that show themselves in unflattering light. Ideally, your face should be dewy and revitalized, and should look clear and smooth. And since there is less to camouflage, you won’t need to wear as much makeup. Imagine waking up and being beautiful from the moment you open your eyes!

Your Consultation
You’ve certainly looked in the mirror many times. However, when you look in the mirror and begin to see things that upset you, that’s when you should schedule a consultation. A consultation will help give you a better understanding of your own issues and to lay out a game plan to reach your goal as quickly and enjoyably as possible.

Post Peel
A post peel list of simple instructions will be provided to you after your treatment. As with all Peels and Laser services, it is imperative to not receive any concentrated sun including going to the beach, laying out in the park, sun tan booths (!), etc immediately following your peel. E Chemical free sunblock of SPF 25+ or higher is highly recommended and must be worn daily. Each peel is different so you will be informed and reminded of your post peel care. Makeup can be applied immediately after all peels EXCEPT “ReJuve” peel.

Peels provided by Kim Laudati Skin Care

Glycolic blend gel peels at 2 different strengths. Mild and effective. Can be used by all skin types and is best when performed at once per week over the course of three weeks. Can be used weekly up to 6 weeks

30 min Glycolic Gel Peel with O2 treatment $75

Alpha/Beta Peels at 2 different strengths, made by “Circadia by Dr. Pugliese.” These are Lactic/Salicylic blends and are very effective peels using the perfect blend of acids to exfoliate without harshness, irritation or inflammation. A new technology in peeling, clients experience little to no stinging and should not experience flaking or peeling. Simply beautiful skin without the annoyances. Alpha/Beta peels are tolerated extremely well by most skin types although anyone with an allergy to aspirin (salicylates) should not receive these peels. In this case, for a milder peel ask for our Glycolic gel peel or for medium depth peels ask for our ReJuve Peel therapy.

30 min Alpha/Beta Peel with O2 treatment $75

Our express peel services are also relaxing while being effective. A mask, upper body massage, moisturizer, eye & lip treatment, Vitamin C Toner and topical medical grade Oxygen are always included. We finish all of our peel services with our “IT intelligent treatment” chemical free SPF 30+ so your skin is radiant and fully protected.

ReJuve Peel by Dr. Loretta Ciraldo. ReJuve Peel combines the proven benefits of a modified Jessners Peel with the safety profile of peptides to enhance the anti-aging effectiveness of the peel procedure. Contains Lactic Acid, Resorcinol, Salicylic Acid, Foeniculum, Vulgare Mill. Var. Dulce DC, Copper Tripeptide-1 and SD Alcohol 40-B. Resorcinol is a dermatologically impactful ingredient. Because it is a very small molecule it can penetrate deeply into skin, including sebaceous glands (oil glands), it is absorbed rapidly and it potentiates penetration of other ingredients. Therefore it is often used in combination with other ingredients. It is used topically to help treat acne breakouts by breaking down dead, scaly skin, helping dissolve existing comedones and helping to keep new ones from forming. When included in a Modified Jessners Peel, it enhances the lifting of deeper pigment, leaving a naturally more even tone behind.

20 min Rejuve Peel $150 and includes our IT intelligent treatment chemical free SPF with your first peel at no extra charge.

IPL, Microchanneling & Rejuve Peel pre-treatment Rules:

  • NO antibotics, topical or oral, for 3 weeks pre and post treatment.
  • NO retin-A for 3 weeks pre and post.
  • NO “acid” products such as glycolic or salicylic, for 1 week pre & post.
  • NO retinols including OTC’s for 1 week pre & post.
  • NO exfoliation/scrubbing for 1 week pre and 2 weeks post!
  • Absolutely NO tanning or any spray tanning for 3 weeks pre & post treatment, and NONE during a series of monthly treatments.
  • Pregnant or trying = NO.
  • Be sure to have a home supply of moisturizer and chemical free SPF on hand for post tx care
  • Men must shave hair from area to be treated.
  • For appointment, inform us right away if you have any allergy to lidocaine and other topical numbing agents!
  • Follow all pre- treatment medication guidelines.

Post Treatment Rules:

  • For Microchanneling & Rejuve peel patients, stay at home, indoors, on the day following your treatment if advised by your therapist.
  • Makeup can be worn the day following your treatment if your therapist has granted permission.
  • Moisturization and protection is the key to rapid cell turnover and a successful outcome. DO use our treatment balm that you have been provided 1x in the evening of your treatment and 5x’s the following day. 2nd day post treatment and thereafter we suggest that you use our IT intelligent treatment Stem Cells + C serum (1 drop) mixed with our IT intelligent treatment Complexion Correction serum (1 drop), then IT intelligent treatment Bright & Firm moisturizer a minimum of 2 times per day after cleanse and before SPF. This is our formula that tested for maximum results and maintenance.
  • SPF (preferably chemical free 30+ such as our IT intelligent treatment Mineral Infusion) MUST BE WORN DAILY and should be reapplied every 4-5 hours starting with day two. Day one you will be home and indoors.
  • NO sauna, hot yoga, high cardio, jogging, steaming or any high heat exposure for 48 hours minimum. Please follow individual rules prescribed by your treating therapist.
  • For Microchanneling and Rejuve Peel Patients, NO direct water flow from shower onto your face for 7 days.
  • NO antibotics, topical or oral, 3 weeks pre and post treatment.>
  • NO retin-A for 3 weeks pre and post.
  • NO “acid” products such as glycolic or salicylic, for 1 week pre & post.
  • NO retinols including OTC’s for 1 week pre and post.
  • NO exfoliation/scrubbing for 1 week pre treatment and 2 weeks post treatment!
  • For IPL and Rejuve Peel patients, absolutely NO tanning or any concentrated sun for 3 weeks pre & treatment, and NONE during a series of monthly treatments.
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